Many people ask, "Why should I use a realtor when I can sell my home on my own?".  While selling your home on your own may save a few dollars, the reality of it is, the time and effort and legal documentation involved may be more than you realize. 

Realtors don't get paid a salary.  Their pay is contingent on selling your home.  Therefore, they want to get it sold quickly.  At Century 21, our realtor's listings are shared on over 200 websites, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Not only are we on the web, we are in the paper, we currently have a tv presence, as well as a Social Media  platform.  When it comes to advertising, we've got you covered.

Your realtor knows how to price your home so that you will get the greatest value, but not overpricing, so that the home makes appraisal.  Knowing the comparables in the area, as well as the items appraisers are concerned with, is a value that your realtor will bring. 

Listing your home is your realtor's job.  Therefore, when your home is scheduled for a showing, you don't have to take time off of YOUR job to show it.  Your realtor will also be there to open the home.  Once it is under contract, your realtor will be there for a termite inspection, a home inspection, an appraisal, and any other inspections needed, such as sewer, foundation, etc.  Again, you'll be at work earning your paycheck while your realtor is working for you. 

Finally, the paperwork and negotiation.  You want to be sure that your home is ready to go!  Wouldn't it be horrible to sell your home and the having the new buyer call and tell you of problems that they are having?  Our realtors have all the correct forms to disclose any and all information you have on the home.  Legalities are a huge issue and we want to be sure all the "I's are dotted and T's are crossed" so to speak, so that you are covered in the event a problem may arise after the sale. Additionally, negotiating a large purchase can get messy.  Your realtor will do the work for you and make sure the transaction gets to the closing table. 

Our realtors are trained experts.  They have been to school to earn their license and they are required to complete continuing education classes.  They want to see the fruits of their labor and will work diligently to get your deal done!

Our realtors at Century 21 Mosley are here to help!  Whether buying or selling, give us a call at 405-222-2100.